Experienced Team

We are proud of the experiences of our people, the collaboration and spirit in the team we have shown in past projects. Together as a team, A. B. RUCH                     acts with an innovative approach when undertaking new projects, regardless of the sector it belongs to.

Professionals Team List:

Afam Eruchalu                                    Architect/Administration                                                (University of Nigeria Nsukka) Nigeria 1977

Ben Eruchalu                                      Architect/Design Consultant                                         (University of Houston) USA  1981

Denzil Kentebe                                  Architect/Design Consultant                                          (University of Pittsburgh) USA 1984

Tony Anyansi                                    Architect/Construction Management                               (University of Kansas Lawrence) USA 1982

Afam Okeke                                        Architect/Construction Management                               (Texas Tech University) USA  1982

Magdalene M. Lasode                    General Admin Director                                                   (University of Jos) Nigeria 1982

Ngozi Eze                                            Senior Project Architect                                                  (Enugu State University) Nigeria 2003

Nyamse Okon                                    Senior Project Architect                                                  (University of Nigeria Nsukka) Nigeria 2006

Nkiru Okonkwo                                  Project  Architect                                                           (University of Lagos) Nigeria 2010

Emeka Eruchalu                                Structural Engineering Consultant                               (University of Nigeria Nsukka) Nigeria 1986

Chima Onyejekwe                             Electrical/mechanical Engineering Consultant             (University of Nigeria Nsukka) Nigeria 1985